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Week 1 - learning to draw

written by Robin Schubert on 2020-01-12 | Tags: miscellaneous, drawing

I've started to draw regularly (or as regularly as possible) with my new graphic display tablet. Unfortunately sitting down and taking the pen seems to be a very attracting thing to children. Letting three children draw something for 30 minutes significantly reduces the time to learn for myself.

I also noticed, that usually I rely strongly on written documentation to learn something new. The advantage of reading is, I can do it everywhere and whenever I find the time. Documentation for creating artwork seems to be quite different; the richest source of information I could find are videos. There are plenty of video tutorials for each and every little thing, but it's quite time consuming to go through and way less convenient than just reading text.

And I need to learn a lot, like workflows for different software and projects, tools and handling of krita and blender (which feels like a life's work at this stage) and of my tablet's driver and hardware, as well as actually build drawing skills:

Or blender specific:

and so much more.

But considering the hours that (according to my steam account) I have spend in Skyrim or Redania, I should as well find some spare hours to draw all kinds of different eyes, noses and mouths.

Here are two of my experimental scribbles that I have been practicing on this week, some carrot family I drew for my daughter and a wall of my living room, the first thing I stared on when looking up from the monitor (we finally got rid of our Christmas decoration).

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