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I Open Up

written by Robin Schubert on 2017-07-07 | Tags: dgplug-summertraining, free-software

So after a few weeks of #dgplug summertraining I am browsing the web with my eyes more open to certain aspects. I never noticed that many Creative Commons logos before, though they have definitely been there. I searched the internet for free stuff a million times before. However, I realized that what I found (and actually was happy with) was shareware and adware most of the time. Now, for the first time I searched for FREE things; not just software or media I can use for free*, but things that are free to play with, to modify and to share. I enjoy the freedom I gain by having access to all that stuff.

I stumbled across the free music archive, where people share songs they produce and offer them for free download. Many of them are licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike (SA), which allows remixing and re-distributing with honor to the original creators, what a beautiful thing! Next I was searching a place for musicians to collaboratively create their music online and have their ideas continued by someone like-minded from across the continent. Looks like there are quite a few options available, though on the other side many projects are already dead or lack of funding. MyBlogBand looks promising, I will definitely try that out ;)

Meanwhile I will just start to share my own stuff, probably writings, drawings, compositions and code, of course. I start with this little comic strip I'm working on, will need to add a proper license that allows contribution and re-distribution.

I know that my drawing is not very good and it's by far not done, yet. However, I realize that at this rate it will take me weeks to finalize. So maybe someone else likes the idea and has time and motivation to add whatever he or she thinks is missing, so steal it and here you go ;)

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