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written by Robin Schubert on 2020-01-03 | Tags: miscellaneous

So it's year 2020 now. Although it is kind of random, to me New Year still feels like the beginning of something actually new. A good time to remind myself of some habits I wanted to adopt; a good time point to relate my progress to, and to measure my consistency in keeping these habits.

Speaking of habits: I want to

...write more blog posts

Well, yes. I'm starting year 2020 with writing that kind of blog post that everyone loves to read *cough* about what I intend to do, giving spurious excuses about why I wasn't able to write more recently, and making maybe unrealistic promises about my future writing frequency. But hey, I'm writing. Means: I'm learning and eventually improving.

...be creative

I have an exciting job, that allows me to be creative every day, and I'm very thankful for that. Every day I can be creative in writing software, doing data analysis, communicate with smart people all over the world. However, when I received my Master's degree in physics, I was considering to never do science again. Actually I considered becoming a singer and songwriter and produce myself; playing guitar, piano and every other instrument I could get my hands on. No need to explain, that my back-then-pregnant wife was not very happy with these plans, and I know that she was right. But I miss making music. I miss writing fictional stories and to draw and paint ('though I'm not a big artist, as of yet).

My favorite incarnation of Santa (aka my wonderful wife) gifted me with an XP-Pen Artist 12 this Christmas, which I found to run smoothly on my Linux machines with Krita and Blender, so at this point I really have no excuse for not unleashing my creative super powers (which develop over time, I guess).

Combining my interests for music, writing and drawing (AND coding AND computer games), and given the lack of the most precious resource - time, I might as well start to develop my own indie game. I'm not sure if I will ever be able to spend enough time to become proficient in any of these disciplines, but I will try and time will show.

...endure, be continuous, be consistent

My #NewYearsResolutions will be worthless if I cannot keep it up. There will be periods when it's hard to be productive, when my family and my job will consume all the resource I have to give. I might be forced to bend my habits while not breaking them. In German there is a saying

Aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben (postponed is not cancelled)

So I will need to pick up and continue my work for myself, whenever I get distracted.

On this note, happy New Year everyone! Let's have a great year 2020!

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