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R: Pipeline to create reusable formatted tables

written by Robin Schubert on 2018-06-11 | Tags: r, science

The problem does not seem too complicated at first: I want to show data, and to visualize them I want to show them in a nicely formatted table.

The real problems arise when I add just a few requirements such as

The table should be...

I thought this could not be asked too much but I was proven wrong.

It's not the first time I stumbled across this problem and I know I'm by far not the only one. I didn't do this very often, yet, buy I'm very pleased with the result: I asked twitter for help and received a couple of very cools answers, approaches and package names, pointing in various directions.

No tables file format

Unfortunately, different that for images, there is no tables file format that could possibly combine data and layout and would be rendered the same in multiple applications. When I create a table I usually need it for presentation of scientific data. It will be reused in papers and presentations, on posters or on websites. It's incredibly frustrating if for each medium, the content has to either be re-generated or will be displayed differently without me having a chance to influence the result. So if possible, I would like to use the same table in

Why not just use a spreadsheet?

The possibilities to generate and export tables when you search the internet are: make a spreadsheet, then export to... or copy and paste to...

I must admit here, that I am biased, as I hate spreadsheets (no matter if Excel or Libreoffice Calc). I hate receiving spreadsheets that are not well formatted and it's way too easy to have a malformed spreadsheet; This has multiple reasons that would be worth another blog post, but to summarize:

Apart from my personal dislike against spreadsheets, the results I was able to produce are not very convincing; visually not appealing and fiddly to produce. The only reasonable export format is pdf was not rendered correctly in some applications.

The not perfect but good solution

CSS is a very convenient way to create reproducible and arbitrary nicely styled results. However, it's not possible to work with and import HTML files into most applications. SVG would be my preferred output format, but unfortunately I found very crude support of creating tables e.g. in Incscape to directly produce an SVG. So the compromise is to generate HTML output and convert to SVG.

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