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A (Corona) walk in the park

written by Robin Schubert on 2020-11-24 | Tags: poem

lone strollers with dogs and bottles of wine
going out for walks under basswood and pine

children singing and whirling around
playin' their favorite games on a crowded playground

an army of joggers on bouncing feet
elderly people tryin' to cross the street

the twilight sky, dipped in orange and blue
the silvery loom of the crescent moon

more faces than I have seen in weeks
November wind gives them rosy cheeks

with happy, sad, excited expressions
from football games and from jam sessions

engrossed in music engrossed in sports
engrossed in coffee, talks and thoughts

a spirit of life and truth and hope
and the occasional smell of dope

like collecting pieces to make me whole
like an emergency bandage for my soul

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