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dgplug Newsletter #3

written by Robin Schubert on 2018-04-05 | Tags: dgplug-newsletter

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The Social Media Dilemma

Social media is a big part of most of our lives now. It combines almost every good thing the internet could possibly provide us with; information, social interaction, entertainment. However, the costs are high, as we transform ourselves into consumers without any privacy. We not only share our innermost feelings and opinions with close friends, but with a company that sells these secrets to the highest bidder.

We create profiles of ourselves that are far more detailed than what is visible, profiles that leave third parties with enormous amounts of information to find and exploit our vulnerabilities.

People are shocked when personal data from social media ends up in hands of dubious companies, but everyone should be aware that this is nothing more than the actual business model of social media companies.

Now, is it possible to use social media in a responsible way? Or is cutting all bonds and abandoning all of its advantages the more reasonable approach? An open source crowd-funded ad-free social network would be an attractive alternative. This is why we almost want this April Fool story to become reality.

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