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My start to Emacs/Spacemacs

written by Robin Schubert on 2017-08-30 | Tags: miscellaneous, wiki

Here I'm going to share my experience with Spacemacs - a GNU Emacs configuration - and how it became my main editor from the first start. I will try to mention all those little things that I found convenient but had to discover myself, as I could...

About my Children

written by Robin Schubert on 2017-08-27 | Tags: miscellaneous, private

This post is off-topic, completly unrelated to free software or any technical topic. Feel free to skip this unless you want to read about my personal feelings that I just had to write down and share somewhere.

I wanted to write this down for...

Community and Huntington's Disease

written by Robin Schubert on 2017-07-30 | Tags: miscellaneous, community

So far, I've written about my experience with free and open software, coding and the like. However, in real life I am a physicist, researcher and data scientist.

While I really enjoy being part of an incredible community of coders, hackers...

My Laptop FN Keys

written by Robin Schubert on 2017-07-27 | Tags: wiki

This post is just a note to myself. It is about the configuration of my laptop after installing a new OS (or configuring a new window manager in this case) which I keep forgetting. I realize that I need to configure the same items every...

A Libre OS

written by Robin Schubert on 2017-07-23 | Tags: dgplug-summertraining, free-software

As described in my previous post, I migrated my system to a completely libre GNU/Linux distribution (seems I need to use the term libre in order to avoid the free/gratis...

Free != Gratis

written by Robin Schubert on 2017-07-12 | Tags: dgplug-summertraining, free-software

Having a class on history of the hacker culture in the dgplug IRC channel has been highly interesting. Only within moments after...

I Open Up

written by Robin Schubert on 2017-07-07 | Tags: dgplug-summertraining, free-software

So after a few weeks of #dgplug summertraining I am browsing the web with my eyes more open to certain aspects. I never noticed that many Creative Commons logos before, though they have definitely been...

Going Deeper

written by Robin Schubert on 2017-06-27 | Tags: dgplug-summertraining, free-software, science

As written in my previous post, I'm attending the dgplug summertraining. It says they want to show the path of becoming an upstream contributor, which I think is pretty cool. But I must admit that all the time I was thinking about free and open...

Why another blog?

written by Robin Schubert on 2017-06-24 | Tags: dgplug-summertraining

To be honest

I thought that blogs were a relict of the 2000s that had died a long time ago. I my life I have read only a handful of blog-posts but never followed a blog regularly, and I definitely never thought that I would start writing...

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